It’s Not A Fourth of July Celebration Without ___________?

It’s almost July 4th, that time of year when folks like to chill and grill!  What do you consider to be the top 4 essential foods to have at a 4th of July barbecue?

According to USA Today, here’s the list:
Hot Dogs
Chicken Wings
Followed by cupcakes, ribs, baked beans, corn on the cob and coleslaw. If you’re hosting, I think this is a pretty good list to start with. Although, I’d put ribs closer to the top and add a few more healthy options like guacamole, salsa, tortilla chips, veggies (grilled or raw) and watermelon. What to drink with all that salty, sweet, spicy, smoky, tangy goodness?  You probably don’t want to pour trophy wines at your barbecue with people of all ages and varying levels of wine appreciation. Instead, serve Blackberry Lemonade (which can be spiked with a spirit of choice for adults) or moderately-priced low alcohol beverages like beer, white, rosé or red wine:
White Wine: Raymond Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc or Wattle Creek Chardonnay – Both aromatic, crisp & refreshing with hot dogs
Rosé Wine: LVE Sparkling Rosé is bubbly, refreshing and fruity enough to stand up to smoke. LVE (still) Rosé from the Languedoc region of France, is a great pairing for chilled seafood and veggies. The DeLoach Vineyards Rosé of Pinot Noir is another good choice for smoky, spicy, grilled foods.
Red Wine: Wattle Creek Pinot Noir from California Central Coast, the Louis Bernard Cotes du Rhone made from Syrah and Grenache or the French Kiss  sweet red sparkling wine, (only 7.5% alcohol) made from the Gamay grape, would pair easily with burgers and ribs.
Not hosting but want to take a memorable gift to your holiday to your host? Let us make a basket customized with your choice of any 4 of the following items:
* enJoie Southern Barbecue Rub *
* Harlem Blue Beer *
Amagansett Sea Salt from Long Island *
* Gullo Oro Aged Balsamic Vinegar from Italy IGP *
* Il Palazzone Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP*
* Sagaponack Farm Distillery Long Island Vodka *
* Casa Dragones Blanco Tequila *
* enJoie Stemless Glasses (2) *
* Lomar Farms “Grapefruit Mint” or “Sweet Hibiscus” Candle *
* enJoie Stainless Steel Corkscrew *
* Stainless Steel Chilling Cubes *
* Salted Deluxe Mixed Nuts *
* enJoie Homemade Chocolate Chip Pecan or Oatmeal & Dried Cherry Cookies *
After all, This Is America!
Happy Birthday America!
Happy 4th to All!
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Ribs with Southern Barbecue Rub and “Off The Grill” Barrow-Q-Sauce, Edna Peacok’s cole slaw and red wine from the Boisset Collection