A Home Beyond Labels: The Journey to Finding Oneself in the College Admissions Process


I’m truly proud of my oldest daughter, Danielle Black, for her insightful journey of self-discovery in the college admissions process. After matriculating at The Dalton School for 13 years (Kindergarten to 12th Grade), this year she successfully applied to Dartmouth College, her father’s Alma Mater, as an Early Decision applicant and was notified of her acceptance last fall. Her college admissions essay, which she crafted under the tutelage of Morehouse College alum and NYU Journalism professor, David Dent, and his “Write For the Future” company, was featured as a Huffington Post, Essay of the Week from June 9th to June 16th 2017. In it she talks about the strength, courage and wisdom she gained from being disappointed by people who she thought were friends, that wanted to put her in a box and were not willing to accept AND except her complexity and abstraction. The journey to true self-acceptance is in surrounding yourself with those who lift you up and support you, rather than trying to fit in with those who want to control and limit. Go Forth Unafraid, Danielle. You are a rock star!

A Home Beyond Labels